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Warm Water Pool Therapy!

Our new facility located at 321 Pettibone directly behind our old location now features a 15`X 8`warm water swimming pool. You may wonder how you can swim in a 15 foot pool, but our pool is very unique it has a hydrostatic jet system which propels the water up to 1000 PSI which can accommodate the strongest of swimmers.

The pool is maintained at a comfortable 92 degrees and is large and deep enough to allow for all types of skilled therapeutic exercise.

Why Water?

Many large therapy centers do not provide warm water pool therapy. They claim that exercising in water does not provide carry over for people to function in a gravity environment. This is simply not true. Water provides the ideal medium for exercise allowing maximal muscle and joint function. The buoyancy of water decreases joint compression, limits mechanical stresses on soft tissues, and counters the effect of gravity on venous pooling in the limbs leading to increased blood volume centralization. The viscosity of water along with hydrostatic pressure increase resistance to movements providing strengthening to all muscle groups with basic and painless motions. The warmth of the pool along with the viscosity and turbulence of water interrupt the pain cycle allowing for exercise by even those with painful conditions that would not otherwise benefit from land based exercises. The bottom line is that an exercise program that allows for aerobic capacity increase, maximal ROM, and maximal muscle function without causing exacerbation of a condition absolutely has functional carryover to every day life.

What is unique about aqua therapy at Allen Physical Therapy?

The first thing is the type of pool. The adjustable hydrostatic jet system allows our therapist to set a current, much like that in a river. This enables a patient to swim, walk, or jog in place as if on a treadmill. It also gives the therapist an adjustable and measurable resistive device to use with exercise programs. The next is the advanced manual therapy skills by our staff coordinated by owner Jeffery Allen, PT, OCS. Many conditions such as fibromyalgia syndrome, requires both, skilled myofascial release and intergraded manual therapy techniques as well as aqua therapy. At Allen Physical Therapy you can get the best of both worlds.

What conditions benefit most from warm water pool therapy?

All most any orthopedic or neurological condition indicated for skilled therapeutic treatment would be appropriate for aqua therapy. The following are some of the most commonly treated conditions and links to information about the benefits of warm water therapy for those who would like a more detailed clinical description.

  1. Arthritic or Rheumatology Conditions      3. Hips
  2. Fibromyalgia Syndrome                                4. Low Back Pain

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