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Jeffery Allen PT. OCS
Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist



Patient Testimonials


 I severely pulled my hamstring six weeks prior to a major snow boarding competition in blank, CA. I spent 3 weeks at a major sports medicine facility and my condition was absolutely no better. After Jeff adjusted my hip that was out of place and broke up the trigger point throughout my hamstrings I was near 100% and took 3rd place in the competition.
Jacob Neff
South Lyon, Michigan


I just want to say thanks to Jeff Allen and the entire staff at Allen Physical Therapy, they have made big difference in my life. Four years ago I had accident severely injuring my back. I went to many therapists, doctors, and even pain management at John Hopkins Hospital back east where I lived at the time. I move to Michigan to be near my family and find a less physical profession. I started treatment at Allen Physical Therapy and it has made a world of difference. Jeff was able to correct my SI joint an actually fix the chronic trigger points in my back and hips. I have never seen a more hands on therapist, again thank you!
Greg Stevens
South Lyon, Michigan



As a large framed solid built man it is hard to find a therapist, that can actually physical work on my back. I have been to physically therapy at various facilities over the past seven years. Each time I feel the therapist is too small and weak to truly treat me, like they are bouncing off the muscle rather than moving them. Well, Jeff can actually pick me up and move me. He was able to break every thing loose and make me feel the best Ive been in ten years. Jeff was certainly worth the 45 minute drive.
Jason Washington
Canton, Michigan




I carried shingles up a ladder to a roof top for the first time in nine months just this week. I fell off a roof  injuring my back, hip and shoulder. I been to therapy at another local facility and though I improved I never was well enough to carry 80 lbs up a latter. When I saw Jeff he immediately saw problems in back and muscles the other therapist did not address. After four weeks with Jeff Im better than I hoped to be.
Todd Michaels
Livonia, Michigan




"I chose Allen Physical Therapy for rehabilitation after hip surgery based on Mr. Allen's qualifications (board certified orthopedic specialist) and also on my personal need for an aggressive therapy program.  I needed to rehab the hip joint in about seven months in order to compete in a National Volleyball Tournament. I checked back with the hip surgeon after six months and he said that I was in the upper 5% of all his patients in terms of successful rehab - thanks in a large part to Mr. Allen."
David Burton
South Lyon, Michigan



"My experiences at Allen Physical Therapy have been extremely positive. The staff is kind, courteous, and competent.  I suffer from Fibromyalgia pain which is sometimes severe and affects many areas of my body.  Myofascial Releases, administered by Jeff Allen, have enabled me to become almost pain free - something that I've never experienced with any other therapist or chiropractor.  Thanks Jeff!!!"
Jean Adamczak
Livonia, Michigan


I am home care nurse for Beaumont Hospital, Ive worked in the medical field locally for 16 years, so when I injured my back a year ago I was confident that I knew the right people in the medical community to take care of it. Well, let me tell you, what I went through was a nightmare. I thought I wasnt going to be able to continue with sports, recreation, or my Job. Allen Physical Therapy was my 4th therapy experience and it was like night and day! Jeff is very physical and knew how to mobilize my back and break up the muscle spasms. I really cant believe the difference in his approach compared to what I had elsewhere. I am now fully functional and pain free.
Jeff Kiernan
Plymouth, Michigan

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